You Might Not Like This!

October 27, 2010

David Brotzman, VCGI

“No one is going to like this article, but everyone should read it. After reading many other writers opine on the various ways the surveying profession is under attack—from the average age of licensed surveyors being 57 years old to the need to keep those GIS people out of our business—I want to be the first to tell you: The surveying profession no longer exists. “

With these provocative words, Al Butler challenges us to change the way we see surveying and the other geospatial professsions. Read more here:

VT Statewide Orthophoto Acquisition Services

October 21, 2010


The Office of Purchasing & Contracting on behalf of the Vermont Center for Geographic Information (VCGI) and the Vermont Department of Taxes is soliciting competitive sealed, fixed price proposals for a new digital orthophotographic base from qualified offerors. If a suitable offer is made in response to this Request for Proposal, The Vermont Department of Taxes may enter into a contract to have the selected offeror perform all or part of the Work.

SCOPE OF RFP: Provide VCGI and the State of Vermont with a new digital orthophotographic base map accurate to the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Class 1 accuracies for 1”=200’ maps with a 30 centimeter (or optionally, 50 centimeter, should funding be limited) ground sample distance.

Click here for the RFP on or after October 22, 2010

VTrans Creates County-Town Map Series

October 21, 2010






Sara Moulton, GISP, VTrans

The Mapping Unit has produced a new map atlas inspired by the County-Town map series last produced by the Agency in the 1980’s, but uses new data and technologies.  A draft series was produced and posted for review, and in response to comments received during the comment phase, we decided to go back to the original County-Town tiling system used in the 1980’s version of the map series.  This ensures that at least one map sheet will contain a particular town in its entirety, and provide a workable format for the largest audience of users in the Agency.

To access the new maps on the Mapping Unit Publications Page, please find them  under the County – Town Map Series section at

Long-Range Planning in Chittenden County

October 20, 2010

Peter Keating, CCMPO Senior Planner

The Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization and Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission need your feedback on long-range regional development and transportation strategies to accommodate anticipated growth while maintaining a high quality of life. This survey will present you with choices about how and where Chittenden County might grow in the future, and allow you to weigh in with your opinions and concerns.  To have your say on these potential futures, please click on the link below:

 All participants are eligible for a raffle of gift certificates to local restaurants!

 For more information on the CCMPO please visit our website at

(p.s. – I am including this on our blog because mapping of various kinds was an integral part of the early stages of this planning process! – Leslie)

VT Enterprise GIS Consortium Annual Report

October 19, 2010

Leslie Pelch, VCGI

The EGC is a voluntary consortium of state government organizations focused on effective management of State’s Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS). The EGC was chartered by the State of Vermont in August 2008, culminating a yearlong strategic planning effort managed by the Enterprise GIS Taskforce (EGT). The EGC has established a realistic and effective Enterprise GIS Strategic Plan; a vision and a plan that supports a wide range of needs within state government.

Highlights of the Annual Report include:

  •  Data Access & Sharing
  • Web Mapping Assessment
  • Map Cache Services
  • EGC GeoPoint Web Portal
  • Parcel Data

To view the whole report, go here:

Geography Bee in Bradford

October 19, 2010

The Bradford Historical Society will sponsor its fourth annual Geography Bee to raise money for the restoration of the Wilson Globe on Saturday, November 13 at Oxbow High School in Bradford, VT.  The Junior division covers kids in grades 4-8 and the Senior division includes grade 9 through adult. This year’s questions will celebrate Wilson’s globe by covering political, cultural, and physical geography. Prior registration is required and space is limited to 30 teams (3 members per team). Each team pays a $30 registration fee and there are sponsorship opportunities as well. James Wilson of Bradford was America’s first globe maker. The first recorded sale of his globes was on January 18, 1810. Wilson Globes became the primary source of American-made globes after 1810. His first workshop was in Bradford and was later moved to Albany, N.Y. to be closer to the markets. For more information or a registration/sponsorship form, contact Larry Coffin at

Upcoming Trainings and Events – Autumn 2010

October 4, 2010


Leslie Pelch, VCGI

October 12, Colchester, VT:

  • Google Puts The “G” in GPS –  9 AM to Noon
  • Trail Mapping With GPS – 1 PM to 4 PM

October 13, Waterbury, VT:

  • Google Puts The “G” in GPS –  9 AM to Noon
  • Trail Mapping With GPS – 1 PM to 4 PM

October 14, Norwich, VT:

  • Google Puts The “G” in GPS –  9 AM to Noon
  • Trail Mapping With GPS – 1 PM to 4 PM

For details and to register:

October 27, VSDP Webinar

VCGI/VSDP’s first webinar! Join us from 1:15 to 3:00 PM for this inaugural event! The following topics will be presented:

  • The Census Bureau and 2011: The Year of Data – Will Sawyer, UVM Center for Rural Studies
  • An Ounce of Prevention – Mapping Hazards – Ned Swanberg, Flood Hazard Mapping Coordinator for the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

Click here for more information and to register:

Mystery Map – Autumn 2010

October 4, 2010


What do the dots represent and what is notable about the shaded areas?


Send Leslie an email with your answer and I’ll announce the winner in a month or so:

Some Cool Web Sites

October 4, 2010


Jonathan Frishtick, GIS/GPS Mapping

For those of you out there dealing with data collection using many people with GPS units, this article from Free Geography Tools may be helpful.

And here is another cool one:

Daylight Hours Explorer – Shows the hours of daylight received during the year for an observer at a given latitude. This is an important factor contributing to the seasons.

Observations about Adding Ancient Roads to the VTrans Road Centerline Data Layer

October 4, 2010


S.E. Moulton, Mapping Unit, Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) Montpelier, Vermont ‐‐ June 2010

In response to Act 178 of 2006 (Unidentified Corridors)1, the VTrans Mapping Unit was presented with the challenge of mapping the additions of Class 4 town highways and legal trails using information provided from towns and any ancillary data that was available. In most cases, a rudimentary sketch map accompanied the volumes of deeds, surveys, old maps, and other documents from the towns, providing a general idea of where to add the highway or trail. A sophisticated suite of tools was employed to make the town highway map update possible, leveraging imagery, geo‐referencing old maps, and running traverses using COGO tools.

To read the rest of this report, please go here: