VT Imagery Data and Cache Services Update

Leslie Pelch, VCGI
Map Cache Services:
VCGI has developed a suite of cached map services. The services consist of pre-generated map tiles at various scales. These services allows VGIS users to leverage the performance benefits of basemap and image caches to improve productivity. The services can be used within ArcGIS Desktop and/or to build web-based mapping applications (eg: map mashups).

 The following caches are currently available. We plan to release additional caches in the future.

1) VIL_CACHE_COLOR_SP: “Best available” color imagery in VT State Plane coordinate system (NAD83 – meters).

2) VIL_CACHE_PAN_SP: “Best available” panchromatic (black & white) imagery in VT State Plane coordinate system (NAD83 – meters).

Please refer to the following web page for additional details.


VT Imagery Program Orthophotos:

The second vintage of digital, black and white, 1:5ooo orthophotography was completed (in a sense) this past May when imagery was collected for Bennington and Windham counties. The data is currently being processed and after the QA/QC has been completed the data will be posted for download and available on hard drive.

Some of you may be wondering: “what is next?” VCGI is currently finishing up the request for proposals (RFP) that will be made available very soon so that a vendor can be secured for the next vintage of imagery.  We hope to capture imagery with the following characteristics: digital capture (not film), color, .3 meter pixel, and leaf-off.  For comparison’s sake, previous digital data was captured with film, was black and white, .5 meter pixel, and leaf-off. Please keep an eye on VCGI’s web site for the actual RFP.

Vermont Imagery Library: http://www.vcgi.org/dataware/image_library/


2 Responses to VT Imagery Data and Cache Services Update

  1. Dave Brotzman says:

    Developing and maintaining these imagery caches takes a lot of effort. Let VCGI know what you think about them. Are they working for you?

    • Neil says:

      Certainly are! I don’t use them heavily, but they do come in handy here and there throughout the day. It’s good to be able to have great quality orthos at the flick of a layer if I’m seeing something in a spatial set that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense on its own. Thanks!

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