You Might Not Like This!

David Brotzman, VCGI

“No one is going to like this article, but everyone should read it. After reading many other writers opine on the various ways the surveying profession is under attack—from the average age of licensed surveyors being 57 years old to the need to keep those GIS people out of our business—I want to be the first to tell you: The surveying profession no longer exists. “

With these provocative words, Al Butler challenges us to change the way we see surveying and the other geospatial professsions. Read more here:


One Response to You Might Not Like This!

  1. Dave Brotzman says:

    Actually, from my perspective, the most important point of this article is the call for a national and more inclusive perspective in the geospatial technologies business area. As geospatial professionals we work in one of the fastest growing business areas in the world. There is opportunity enough for everyone.

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