Future Webinars: January and February 2011

Leslie Pelch, VCGI

What Webinars would you like to see offered in January and February? If you would really like to see any of the topics below presented, let me know! If you would like to do a webinar let me know! Most of the topics below do NOT currently have presenters associated with them, so please offer to present on any of these topics (or suggest a presenter…):

  1. Historical GIS Data
  2. Historical Aerial Photos
  3. Historical Topos
  4. Sustainable Develoment Applications and/or collaborations using GIS
  5. Stream Geomorphic Data – collection and application
  6. Other ArcGIS Extensions
  7. How to create metadata to VCGI standards
  8. Status of towns parcels database
  9. Parcel data and standards
  10. ESRI Community Maps Program – ArcGIS Server
  11. Low Impact Development Analysis
  12. Enterprise GIS in VT
  13. Evolving Strategies/techniques in Web-Mapping applications
  14. Data/database management (geodatabases, SDE, etc.)
  15. Wastewater/Waste supply
  16. Municipal applications
  17. Asset Management
  18. Mobile Technology
  19. More ArcHydro
  20. GPS, CORS, real-time corrections, in field and post processing
  21. Amphibian Monitoring
  22. Public participation GIS
  23. Stream Geomorphic Assessment tool update
  24. Cartographic Tips for ArcGIS

Leave a comment or send me an email! lesliep@vcgi.org


One Response to Future Webinars: January and February 2011

  1. Neil says:

    Since no one has publicly spoken up yet, I’ll vote a few times.

    I’d be interested in Historical GIS Data. Saw your booth at the history expo this summer didn’t get a chance to see what you had out though.

    I’d also vote for the status on the parcel data bases / Parcel data and standards, if only to know where the state is going.

    Municipal applications could be interesting as well.

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