New and Updated Data at the VGIS Data Warehouse


New Data:

  •  EnvironMangareas_MAREA2006 – Green Mountain National Forest Mgt. Area boundaries – 2006                
  •  EnvironOther_BIOMASS – Algae, food waste, grasses, methane, oilseed crops, wood.        
  •  EnvironOther_GEOTHERMAL – Potential open and closed loop geothermal sites.        
  •  EnvironOther_HYDRO – Existing and potential hydro electric sites        
  •  EnvironOther_RESITES – Existing RE sites and Installers and consultants        
  •  EnvironOther_SOLAR – Potential Solar PV, SHW and Ground Mount resources        
  •  EnvironOther_WIND – Potential Residential, Small and Large Commercial Wind Areas        
  •  TransStats_HCL20032007 – High Crash Locations: 2003 – 2007                     

 Updated Data:

  •  BoundaryCounty_CNTYBNDS – Vermont county boundaries (extracted from BNDHASH)                
  •  BoundaryOther_ADMINBNDS – Admin. Bound’s created by Executive Order #7-95 (Oct 1995)                
  •  BoundaryOther_BNDHASH – Master village, town, county, RPC, and state boundary data                                                   
  •  BoundaryOther_LEPCBNDS – Local Emergency Planning Committee bnds (extract BNDHASH)                
  •  BoundaryOther_VILLAGES – Vermont village boundaries (extracted from BNDHASH)                 
  •  BoundaryRegion_RPCBNDS – Regional Planning Commissions (extracted from BNDHASH)                
  •  BoundaryState_VTBND – Vermont state boundary (extracted from BNDHASH)                
  •  BoundaryTown_TWNBNDS – Vermont town boundaries (extracted from BNDHASH)                
  •  EcologicOther_RTENATCOM – Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species & Significant Comm.                
  •  TransRoad_RDS – VTrans Road centerlines from 1:5000 orthos and GPS        
  •  TransRoad_RDSMAJ1 – Major road centerlines extracted from TransRoad_RDS                
  •  TransRoad_RDSMAJ2 – Major road centerlines extracted from TransRoad_RDS                

 Go here for the details:


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