TransRoad_RDS Layer Files

Sara Moulton, GISP, VTrans

As a way to help new or casual users of TransRoad_RDS, we have developed two layer files to help jumpstart a user’s ability to meaningfully display the road centerline data.

These layer files will be included as part of the zipped Transroad_RDS data package available from VCGI.  I’ve also attached them to this email in case you have already downloaded the data before the layer files were available.

As suggested by their names, one is based on the data contained in the field AOTCLASS, and one is based on the AOTCLASS and SURFACE fields.

To incorporate them in your map:

  1. Add the unzipped TransRoad_RDS data to your ArcMap .mxd file
  2. In the table of contents, double-click the data layer to open the Layer Properties window
  3. Click on the Symbology tab
  4. Click on Import
  5. In the Import Symbology dialog box, click on the Open Folder icon
  6. Browse to where you have stored the layer files, click on one and click Add
  7. Click OK in the Import Symbology dialog box (in the Import Symbology Matching Dialog, make sure the Value Field AOTCLASS matches AOTCLASS in the drop down selectionor Value Field AOTCLASS matches AOTCLASS and SURFACE matches SURFACE)
  8. Click OK.

At this point, you should be back in the Layer Properties window with the new symbology assigned so click OK to accept the symbology and return to the map.

If you have any questions about Transroad_RDS or these layer files, please contact us in the Mapping Unit: 802-828-2109 or


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