VT GIS Trainings, Workshops, Professional Development in 2011

 Leslie Pelch, VCGI


 1. If you have been wishing/hoping for in-depth training related to using ESRI software products, now is your chance to request that one or more trainings be brought to the green mountain state! Check out the list of instructor-led classes that ESRI offers here; search for your particular need or browse what is available. If you think that there is a good chance you or your organization would be willing to pay for you to attend that class (and more than 2 people are interested) we will bring that class to VT! http://training.esri.com/gateway/index.cfm?fa=trainingOptions.Instructorled

Please consider classes you could attend this year (spring or summer?) as well as what you might be able to swing next year (fall 2011, spring 2012). Indicate both what and when you would like to see the class offered. Please indicate specific classes rather than general topic areas.

2. Do you have GIS/GPS training needs that are not specific to ESRI products? Would you like to offer some sort of training? Do you know someone who would be the perfect person to offer a training you have in mind? IF so, please send me your requests, ideas, etc. and I’ll see if we can make something happen. If you are needing some sort of training, chances are that someone else does too!

 3. I don’t have much set in stone, yet, but I wanted to let people know about some of the trainings, workshops, and professional development events I am working on scheduling for the upcoming year:


  • Webinar – ArcGIS 10: Parcel Fabric/Editing
  • Webinar – Using GIS and Google Maps for Community Conservation Projects


  • Moving from ArcGIS 9 to 10 – in partnership with UNH Cooperative Extension, 1-day workshop using their mobile laptop lab, Dates and locations TBD
  • VSDP Roundtable – lots of topics TBD (if you would like to help plan this event, or have ideas for topics, let me know!)


  • Making Maps the Google Way (morning) and Making Maps the Google Way: Reloaded (afternoon), in partnership with UNH Cooperative Extension – learn the basics of using Google Earth and then go a little farther! Two half-day workshops. Dates and locations TBD

 July and August:

  • VCGI’s Intro to GIS/GPS Workshops (12-16 hours over 2 days) – this year we are switching from ArcExplorer to Quantum GIS!
  • VT GIS Conference – Theme TBD (send your ideas!)


Send your requests and ideas: lesliep@vcgi.org


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