3D GIS Blogs and Videos


(Originally posted on the VGIS-L email listserv in October 2010)  Gary Smith, Green Mountain GeoGraphics, Ltd.

I thought I should make sure that you are all aware of two 3D blogs.  Both now reference the two videos I posted  recently about working with SketchUp 8 and ArcGIS, but that is not why I am giving you these links.  The first is for the Esri 3D GIS blog that the 3D team has been putting together.  They have created a number of “how to” videos.  In particular I like the Volumetric Shadow analysis and the Viewshed videos.  If you are like me, until fairly recently  I did not know of this blog.


If you look at the SketchUp blog, you may have already seen the brief posting and link to my two videos.  You will need to scroll down the different topics to find the reference.  As you scroll down, I will bet that the first time you do so you will be distracted by another 3D  story.


In closing, make sure you pick up that copy of ArcUser that just arrived (Fall, 2010) and look at the article starting on page 7.  Page 9 will give you a summary of the new 3D analysis functionality now in version 10.  ALSO, don’t miss the article about the Vermont Energy Atlas, starting on page 20.

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