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Every now and then I’ll be posting what I hope are interesting gis/gps/mapping/geo/lbs/tech/ related news items and links.

If you particularly like one, please let me know.

Maps of River Systems


“Daniel Huffman’s latest project is a series of maps of river systems done in a transit map style, a highly appropriate and even somewhat useful design for what are, after all, linear networks. He began with the whole Mississippi River system and is expanding into smaller regional maps, having completed Michigan, Southern New England, and Northern California so far. The results are attractive and for sale to satisfy our bare walls.”

Land Use Cover – Global Initiative


Deputy Secretary of the Interior David J. Hayes, co-leading the U.S. delegation to the 2010 Group on Earth Observations (GEO) summit, announced that the United States is launching a new global initiative aimed at developing the first-ever comprehensive and up-to-date database of 30-meter satellite imagery that will show changes in land cover and land uses worldwide.”

Who Is Min Kao?

From: Min Kao recently bought a NYC condo for $40 million. Does Min’s name sound a little familiar? He is the “min” in Garmin. Along with Gary Burrell, the “gar” in Garmin, they started what is now Garmin way back in 1989.

Sign Up for Google Imagery Update Alert

With Google’s Follow Your World application, you can register locations on the globe and Google will send you an email update whenever the imagery is updated.

Soils Web Map Service

ESRI announces a beta version of a soils Web map service on

Compare Countries

From the Free Geography Tools website:

If It Were My Home plots the area of any world country of your choice on a Google Maps view centered around your current location (presumably determined by your IP address)…and gives a comparison of basic demographic characteristics between your country and the one you’ve chosen:”

Maps Made Entirely From Words

Electron Microscope Photos of Snowflakes


The Christmas Storm Satellite Image


Take a look at the Christmas snow storm and download the image as a jpeg, Geotiff or Google Earth file. While you are visiting this page, look at Semisopochnoi Island in Alaska, an important nesting area for maritime birds of the North Pacific.

Creating Custom Overlay Maps for (Some) Garmin GPS Units

From the Free Geography Tools website:

Scanned Old USGS Quad Maps

The U.S. Geological Survey, announced recently that they are scanning and georeferencing historical USGS quadrangles.

Public Record? Access or Not to GIS Data

An article evaluating the responses to a public records request made to all 351 Massachusetts municipalities. The author’s final recommendations to municipalities: publish GIS data for free online, and with minimal legal restrictions.

For full text of the article, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, click here.

Gmail Tip:

Your Gmail inbox says you have 6 unread emails but you can’t find them and you don’t want to look through your 20,000 old Gmail messages.

Unlike Yahoo, Gmail does not have an “unread” mail option.

Just type: “is:unread” in the Gmail search box.

Awesome-ifying Your Facebook Profile Page With Photos

Facebook changed layouts recently, adding a row of 5 images (the 5 images you were most recently tagged in) at the top of the profile page. Using Photoshop or other photo manipulation software, you can make mini-images to fill this space.

This may be particularly useful for a Facebook business page.

You have to deal with what happens when a photo of you or your company is newly tagged, resulting in the images changing without your consent. If you try this for your company’s Facebook page and find a work-around please let me know the results.

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