David Brotzman, Executive Director, VCGI

First, and probably most importantly, the staff at VCGI is now back in the offices at 58 South Main St. in Waterbury. We are still getting organized and not all of the replacement equipment has been delivered, but we are back and the doors are open. We really appreciate the terrific work done by Ed Steele, our building owner, and his contractors for the seven days a week / 30 day effort they did in getting our space completely reconditioned after the flood. Its great to be back in the Waterbury community.

I want to express my personal appreciation to the staff at VCGI who continue to do extraordinary work under extraordinary conditions.  Everyone worked to clean out the space, move salvageable equipment to storage, set up temporary capacity, home offices etc., and then move equipment back out of storage and do what was necessary to bring the organization back into our offices. All of this was done while trying to recover from the disruption of our normal systems and still support those in the public and private sectors who needed geospatial
data and services. Everyone was flexible, creative and selfless in their efforts and I am proud to work with you. We are not back to normal yet, but I think we can see normal from here.

I also want to thank everyone who provided support to keep our organization and our services functioning, most notably the folks at the Department of Information and Innovation, VT Telecommunications Authority, and the UVM Spatial Analysis Lab. We also appreciate the support and services offered by all of you in the larger community immediately following the flooding. This is a caring and generous community we work in, but we all already knew that.

There have also been some positive changes at VCGI that I want to make you aware of.

Dejung Gewissler has been promoted to Senior Project Manager. Dejung’s skills, abilities and contributions to the organization certainly warrant this promotion. Dejung supports our state partners in Public Safety as well as the Regional Planning Commissions. Along with his project management responsibilities Dejung also supports VCGI’s website and web services, both of which are areas that we plan to focus on for further development.

Steve Sharp has had a job title change. Steve is now Director of Enterprise GIS Services for VCGI. This title change reflects VCGI’s recognition of the priority focus that Enterprise GIS support requires from our organization in the future. It also reflects the knowledge and skill set that Steve Sharp is able to bring to the task of supporting enterprise GIS development for the state. Steve will still have many of the same project management responsibilities that he has supported in the past, but more of his time will go to supporting the Enterprise Geospatial Consortium and the enterprise needs of the state.

I want to offer apologies for the brief interruptions in service and availability that have occurred over the last month, but under the circumstances I believe VCGI has done very well. Many homeowners and businesses were impacted much worse than VCGI was and our thoughts continue to be with them in their recovery. As we all move forward in the upcoming months and years there are clearly more challenges and opportunities ahead for all of us. I believe VCGI can make the best of the creative destruction that this experience brought to us and come out better for it.

Thanks everyone, congratulate Steve and Dejung when you see them, hopefully this is the last you will hear from me about flood damage for a long while.


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