VT GIS Update

January 5, 2012

From Steve Sharp at VCGI:

USDA recently released the NAIP 2011 Compressed County Mosaics (CCM).  These county mosaics are in MrSID format and are limited to 3 bands (do not include the IR band) and are considered preliminary products.  They are available for download from the USDA Geospatial Data Gateway

The QQUADs (Quarter Quads) aren’t available yet.  The QQUADs will include all 4 bands and are fully QA/QCed.

VCGI will be receiving a fully QA/QCed copy of the QQUADs sometime in Q1 2012.  At that point the imagery will be reprojected to VT State Plane Meters NAD83, and will be posted to the VGIS Data Warehouse for download.

From Ryan Knox at ANR:

The USDA makes each state’s most recent year of NAIP imagery available as an image service. An imagery service, in addition to performing fast, allows direct access to raster data for analysis.  ArcGIS 10 layer file for Vermont is attached.  If you want to look at the other services provided by the USDA, Jarlath outlines how to connect here –


From Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne at the UVM Spatial Analysis Lab:

NOAA acquired orthophotography over Lake Champlain in 2009 and 2010.  I believe VCGI will be distributing the original tiled images in good time, but for those of you looking for your NOAA Christmas gift I created a mosaic, compressed it to ECW, and posted it for download.  Coordinate system is embedded in the ECW, but in case your software has trouble it is UTM Zone 18 WGS84.


Please note that I don’t have any more info on this imagery, nor was I involved in the collection process.  I only mention this because I usually receive a few kindly-worded emails along the lines of “Back when I was at UVM we acquired better imagery than this using a disposable Kodak camera held by my roommate “Little Jimmy” Mevers while he was suspended from my motorized hang glider with nothing more than duct tape and old dental floss (non-waxed of course).  You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Another one from Steve Sharp at VCGI:

Thanks to the committed efforts of VT’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), the GIS community now has access to statewide digital soils data (SSURGO certified).  NRCS recently released data for the last county, Essex County, which completes its effort to create a statewide soils data.  Thanks VT NRCS for your hard work!

VCGI has updated the following VGIS data layers and products based upon the release of Essex County.

– SO = Statewide soils (county soil survey)
– SOAG = Agriculturally important soil units
– ONSITE = Onsite sewage disposal ratings
– SOILATTR = TOP20 soil attributes

To download go here