2012 VT Orthos Available for Download

2012 VT Orthophotos (compressed, .jp2 files) available in black and white or color infrared have been posted for download at the VCGI Data Warehouse: http://vcgi.vermont.gov/warehouse/imagery!

This is the second flight of the third vintage of digital VT orthos, and the area covered includes Addison County, Orange County, and part of Washington County. Check this Index map for the exact boundaries: http://dware.vcgi.org/image_library/media_info/indexes/vintage_three_0_5_PAN.pdf

Specifications for this imagery include:

  • 50 cm pixels (same as previous state ortho imagery)
  • Black and White, Color, and Near Infrared will be available (previously only Black and White)
  • Collected after the snow melts and before the trees leaf out (same as previous imagery)
  • The horizontal accuracy of the orthorectified imagery shall meet or exceed a verified ASPRS Class I horizontal accuracy of +/- 1 meter RMSE (for both X and Y) for 50cm ground sample distance imagery and 2.44 meters at 95% confidence level according to the NSSDA standard methodology.

If you are interested in obtaining the uncompressed version of this imagery (geotiff) , it will be available for purchase as a stand-alone product until August 15, 2013. After that it will only be included in the Uncompressed VT 1:5k orthos (all vintages) product and the All Available Imagery product. Visit the products page for more info and to order.


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