Enhancing Vermont’s Software and Information Technology Economy

The VT Technology Alliance  passed along the link to the above-named report created by the VT Legislature, excerpted below. Link to full report is below the excerpt.

“III. Key Areas for Enhancing the Software and IT Economy; Findings and Recommendations
Based on the testimony and materials received, on individual members’ and small group research, and
on extensive Committee discussion, the Committee identified four key areas in which Vermont state
government can take important steps to enhance the software and IT economy. These areas are:

1. Education;
2. Marketing;
3. Finance; and
4. Collaboration and Networking.

Throughout its discussions, the Committee was cognizant of the state’s budget challenges, and
recognized that there is limited capacity for new or expanded appropriations or indirect tax expenditures
to support the Committee’s objectives. In recognition of this, the Committee endeavored to offer many
recommendations (e.g., policy changes) that would not require direct appropriations. In fact, only a few
of our recommendations require specific appropriations or tax expenditures, and we have clearly
highlighted those that do.

The Committee concluded that it would be unreasonable to expect the State of Vermont to compete with
larger states for incentives to relocate large-scale technology businesses to the state. Instead, the
Committee concluded that the State of Vermont should focus it efforts on the retention of existing
in-state technology businesses, with a new emphasis on strategies and policies to encourage and support
the growth and development of new and emerging technology businesses over the long term.”

Click here for the full report: http://www.leg.state.vt.us/reports/2013externalreports/285638.pdf


One Response to Enhancing Vermont’s Software and Information Technology Economy

  1. Steve Sharp says:

    Excellent report! I hope that the recommendations outlined in Section III-4-2 will push State Government to move quickly to implement a robust “open data” initiative in Vermont.

    “The Committee finds that machine readable state information would encourage local developers to create software applications that would allow Vermonters to access easily the data on line, would encourage Vermont’s technology innovators, and would demonstrate that the Vermont state government is technology friendly. The Committee recommends that state agencies take necessary steps to make state-collected data more readily available for consumption in machine-readable format.”

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