Helping in an Emergency: Bringing Your GIS Skills to the EOC


Incident Command Training Recommended!

How can the wider community of GIS professionals make their skills available to state and local organizations during an emergency? Zach Borst, Regional Outreach Specialist at DEMHS, has been helping VCGI understand that one of the big barriers to any member of the general public helping at any Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is lack of familiarity with the Incident Command Structure (ICS). This affects both attitudes and ability to function in the midst of a potentially chaotic situation. People who have this training are seen as potential assets to the folks running an EOC, whether at the state  or local level.

So, in an effort to follow-up on the interest expressed by many members of the GIS community to “DO MORE” the next time an emergency happens, we are passing along information about some online and upcoming live (Free) ICS training. If you want to be in a position to be as helpful as possible, consider the following (we will pass along future opportunities as they come up!):

ICS 100 – Online Intro Course – Free – everything you need is downloadable from the web site – this may be required before you can attend additional trainings like the one below:

ICS 200 –  Incident Command System for Single Resources & Initial Action Incidents


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