Young Hacks Academy Uses VCGI GPS Units

August 30, 2013


Young Hacks Academy was an exciting day camp for 10-12 year-olds to explore programming basics and create interactive stories.

Young Hacks Agents developed collaborative problem-solving skills through daily missions in front of and away from a computer. By weeks end, graduates of Young Hacks Agent Training had sharpened their powers of creativity and communication, while making some new friends along the way.

As teams of three, students walked around Colchester High School in search of 6 Young Hacks Academy “geocache” containers. Inside each container was a riddle that related to the location of the next container on the list of waypoints. The kids had a blast using their tracking devices as a compass.

Here are some pictures of the kids using VCGI’s GPS units (available for free loan to towns, nonprofits, and schools/camps!):

crouch_sm   bleacher_sm


Results of VCGI Data Warehouse Survey

August 30, 2013

Leslie Pelch, VCGI

VCGI asked constituents to provide feedback about their priorities for the future VCGI Data Warehouse through a 100 point exercise. They were each given 100 points to distribute among the various user requirements in order to indicate which were of greatest importance. The results of that survey can be viewed here: Data Warehouse Survey Results

The top ten user requirements based on average scores:

  • As a User, I want “authoritative” datasets to be discoverable and clearly identified.
  • As a User, I want access to aerial photos (eg: VT orthos) with no downloading required (ie: as a web service).
  • As a User, I want a robust and easy-to-use search engine to help me find the geospatial data, web services, and web/mobile/desktop applications.
  • As a User, I want access to historical aerial photos.
  • As a User, I want a browser-based Data Warehouse solution that does not require a browser plug-in.
  • As a User, I want to download aerial photos (eg: VT orthos) so I can use them on my computer.
  • As a User, I want access to VT GIS data layers with no downloading required (ie: as a web service).
  • As a User, I want to download VT GIS data layers in ESRI shapefile format.
  • As a User, I want access to imagery organized by year (whether for download or web service).
  • As a User, I want all data that I find to be available for download (not just a link to an external website).