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January 23, 2014

Introduction to the Vermont LiDAR Initiative


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Vermont LiDAR Initiative Data Announcement

January 2, 2014


Mike Brouillette, VCGI

With technical support from our partners in the Enterprise Geospatial Consortium LiDAR Workgroup (a.k.a. VTeam LiDAR), VCGI is happy to announce the initial offering of LiDAR “derivative data” under the umbrella of the “Vermont LiDAR Initiative” effort. For more information on the effort, the state LiDAR plan, status graphics and other support data please visit the new VCGI LiDAR web page at

Current data availability includes 1.4m resolution Digital Surface Models (DSMs) “ElevationOther_DSM1p4m” and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) “ElevationDEM_DEM1p4m“ covering the Missisquoi subbasin and a majority of Bennington County. 2’ Contours from these areas will be integrated with the existing 2’ contour layer “ElevationOther_CN2T” early in the New Year. See the LiDAR web page for status graphic, project data extents and more.

To download these data select the “download” icon located in the “All new or updated data” of the “Data and Imagery” page All LiDAR raster data is in the Erdas Imagine file format and organized at two levels for flexibility in downloading:

1) Ortho 9 tiling scheme; and

2) Original project “footprint” extent – as delivered by vendors.

Index maps and Index shapefiles are provided in the download data folders to help users find tiles of interest, e.g., “_Index_ElevationDEM_DEM1p4m.pdf” and “”.


For a readily available advocacy/information brochure please see the “VT LiDAR Initiative Brochure” on the web page.


  •  Addison County Data – Release of the data is still pending QAQC issues with the vendor. No firm delivery date is available.
  • Essex County Data – Missing data tile discovered upon regenerate DEM & DSM from source point cloud has slowed release of this extent. Efforts underway to recover it and move forward. Original vendor delivery only included a 3m resolution DEM/DSM though data supports 1m resolution, thus the recreation effort. IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE ORIGINAL “POINT CLOUD” SOURCE DATA FOR 2005 ESSEX COUNTY PLEASE CONTACT ME!
  • ALL-LDR Product – External hard drive containing all available LiDAR data including “point cloud” and all derivatives. For information and links to vendor supplied “point cloud” metadata see –
  • Secondary derivative layers: “ElevationOther_ASPECT1p4m”, “ElevationOther_HILSH” (hillshade), “ElevationOther_nDSM” (“normalized” DSM) and “ElevationSlope_SLOPE” raster layers will be made available via the VGIS as time permits in 2014. These are available on the ALL-LDR product for project extents they have been generated for (ATM: Missisquoi subbasin and Bennington County).

Please feel free to contact me directly with questions and/or feedback about the data, the VT LiDAR Initiative or the LiDAR web page etc: or 802-882-3008