New and Updated Data Posted at VCGI Web Site

waterbury_naip_20122012 NAIP Imagery

We would like to thank our data partners for working with us to help bring these data sets to you: The VT E-911 Board, FEMA, USDA, and USGS.

New! NAIP_1M_CLRIR_2012   – Color & Infrared (4 band) – Statewide NAIP (1m)
New! EmergencyE911_JBOUND  -E911 town boundaries data layer
EmergencyE911_TRAILS  -E911 trails data layer
EmergencyE911_HYDRANTS  -E911 Fire hydrants data layer
EmergencyE911_ALPINELIFTS  -E911 alpine ski lifts data layer
EmergencyE911_FOOTPRINTS  -E911 building footprints layer (limited set of buildings)
EmergencyE911_GDBE911  -All E911 data layers in File Geodatabase format (v10.2.2)
EmergencyE911_DW  -Driveways captured for E911 use
EmergencyE911_ESA  -E911 Emergency Service Agency Locations
EmergencyE911_ESITE  -E911 Site locations (buildings, hydrants, public phones, ..)
EmergencyE911_ESZ  -E911 Emergency Service Zone data layer
EmergencyE911_LANDMARKS  -Landmarks captured for E911 use
EmergencyE911_LKUPTABLES  -E911 lookup tables – tabular
EmergencyE911_RDS  -E911 Road centerlines from 1:5000 orthophotos and GPS
EmergencyE911_SHEETS  -E911 Atlas Map Sheets Boundaries
Some New! EmergencyFlood_DFIRMC  -FEMA Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map data (county-based)
EmergencyFlood_DFIRMT  -FEMA Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map data (town-based)
WaterHydro_WBD12VT  -VT Subwatershed boundaries (HUC12)
WaterHydro_WBD8VT  -VT Subbasin boundaries (HUC8)

Check them out here:

If you have questions about any of these data layers, you can consult the metadata (more info button in the search results table), contact the data manager, or contact VCGI’s Database Administrator, Ivan Brown: or 802-882-3005.


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