2017 Orthophoto Acquisition Cut Short

July 6, 2017


How Did The 2017 Spring Collection Go?

The 2017 spring orthophoto acquisition season was challenging. The specifications for Vermont’s orthos require: 1) no snow, 2) no leaves, and 3) no clouds. As you can imagine, this is very difficult to achieve in Vermont. This year was especially difficult. The acquisition area received widespread heavy snow in late March, resulting in persistent snowpack until the middle of April. Flightlines in the Champlain Valley were opened on April 13th, with additional lines opened on the 17th. Unfortunately weather conditions precluded acquisition. All remaining lines were opened on April 20th. The first successful flights were on April 23rd, which captured approximately 50% of the acquisition area at 30cm. The acquisition contractor made a final push on April 27th and 28th to capture additional lines (both 15cm and 30cm) with limited success. All flight lines were closed by VCGI on May 1st due to leaf-out conditions, which was one of the earliest closures in recent memory. The acquisition contractor is processing the imagery and will have preliminary data ready for review by June.

So What Was Collected In 2017?

The blue areas were collected at 30cm GSD. The green areas were collected at 15cm GSD. A large portion of Addison County and the eastern third of the 2017 acquisition area was not acquired in 2017 (shown in yellow). Most 15cm buy-up areas were not collected in 2017. Click here for a PDF map of 2017 orthophoto acquisition.

When Will These Areas Be Collected?

VCGI is currently working with our contractor to draft a plan for future acquisition of the areas not collected in 2017. We will let everyone know what the plan is when it is completed.