The VT LiDAR Initiative Presents: A LiDAR Based Web Service Prototype

October 18, 2014

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In an ongoing effort to “democratize” access to the wealth of information present in LiDAR data, the Vermont LiDAR Initiative (VTLI) sponsored by the Enterprise Geospatial Consortium (EGC) sub-committee “VTeam LiDAR”, presents the first Vermont LiDAR image service prototype of the 2012 Addison County project area. This freely accessible data “service” will ultimately expand to make all available LIDAR project data accessible in both basemap and imagery services. After a very brief introduction on “What is LiDAR?” we will overview the proposed suite of LiDAR-based Web Services to be created and hosted by VCGI and how it can be accessed by all users. Closing out the webinar, we will provide a brief update on the status of LiDAR data collection and distribution efforts across the state before having an open floor discussion on related topics. For a primer on LiDAR basics before the presentation please overview –

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Webinars Scheduled, LiDAR Information, Parcels Service Updated

October 1, 2014


by Leslie Pelch, VCGI

Parcels: the parcels web map service has been updated to reflect additional or updated parcel data (also available for download)


  • In addition to completing the Rutland County collection (orange in map above), the entire Winooski River Watershed plus some additional area will be collected in 2014 or 2015. The project will cover more than 2400 square miles (light green in map above), complete Lake Champlain Basin coverage on the Vermont side and include a new coverage for Chittenden County. Total project funding was $880,000 and a total of six cooperators contributed to the project.
  • A pilot area Web Map Service of LiDAR data will be available soon!
  • Updated ArcGIS Online VT LiDAR map makes finding information about available LiDAR and derivatives easier:

Fall Webinar Series Scheduled (all will be recorded and posted at VCGI’s Youtube channel):