Using GIS and Google Maps for Community Conservation Projects – Webinar March 8, 2011

January 31, 2011


Presented by Aaron Worthley of Arrowwood Environmental.

This Webinar will cover the use of online tools- mostly free- for developing and sharing map data for community based conservation projects. Using the Google Maps and Google Docs platforms and rudimentary web authoring skills, geographic data can be crowd-sourced, collected and shared for very little cost. Huntington, Vt is currently utilizing these tools for two different volunteer projects. These projects will be explained and the tools and methods used will be introduced.

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3D GIS Blogs and Videos

January 31, 2011


(Originally posted on the VGIS-L email listserv in October 2010)  Gary Smith, Green Mountain GeoGraphics, Ltd.

I thought I should make sure that you are all aware of two 3D blogs.  Both now reference the two videos I posted  recently about working with SketchUp 8 and ArcGIS, but that is not why I am giving you these links.  The first is for the Esri 3D GIS blog that the 3D team has been putting together.  They have created a number of “how to” videos.  In particular I like the Volumetric Shadow analysis and the Viewshed videos.  If you are like me, until fairly recently  I did not know of this blog.

If you look at the SketchUp blog, you may have already seen the brief posting and link to my two videos.  You will need to scroll down the different topics to find the reference.  As you scroll down, I will bet that the first time you do so you will be distracted by another 3D  story.

In closing, make sure you pick up that copy of ArcUser that just arrived (Fall, 2010) and look at the article starting on page 7.  Page 9 will give you a summary of the new 3D analysis functionality now in version 10.  ALSO, don’t miss the article about the Vermont Energy Atlas, starting on page 20.

Parcel Fabric/Editing with ArcGIS 10 – Webinar February 8

January 19, 2011

Leslie Pelch, VCGI

Mark Scott of ESRI will present this Webinar.

With the release of ArcGIS 10, Esri has provided Land Records tools and templates as a core part of the ArcGIS system. These will help you produce great web maps, implement efficient workflows, and incorporate best practices from the land records industry community. This webcast will demonstrate how the Parcel Fabric data structure and Parcel Editor tools can be used to improve the accuracy and integrity of your parcel data. Demonstration of the Local Government Template from will show how you can leverage your parcel data and increase its usefulness throughout your organization.

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VT GIS Trainings, Workshops, Professional Development in 2011

January 4, 2011

 Leslie Pelch, VCGI


 1. If you have been wishing/hoping for in-depth training related to using ESRI software products, now is your chance to request that one or more trainings be brought to the green mountain state! Check out the list of instructor-led classes that ESRI offers here; search for your particular need or browse what is available. If you think that there is a good chance you or your organization would be willing to pay for you to attend that class (and more than 2 people are interested) we will bring that class to VT!

Please consider classes you could attend this year (spring or summer?) as well as what you might be able to swing next year (fall 2011, spring 2012). Indicate both what and when you would like to see the class offered. Please indicate specific classes rather than general topic areas.

2. Do you have GIS/GPS training needs that are not specific to ESRI products? Would you like to offer some sort of training? Do you know someone who would be the perfect person to offer a training you have in mind? IF so, please send me your requests, ideas, etc. and I’ll see if we can make something happen. If you are needing some sort of training, chances are that someone else does too!

 3. I don’t have much set in stone, yet, but I wanted to let people know about some of the trainings, workshops, and professional development events I am working on scheduling for the upcoming year:


  • Webinar – ArcGIS 10: Parcel Fabric/Editing
  • Webinar – Using GIS and Google Maps for Community Conservation Projects


  • Moving from ArcGIS 9 to 10 – in partnership with UNH Cooperative Extension, 1-day workshop using their mobile laptop lab, Dates and locations TBD
  • VSDP Roundtable – lots of topics TBD (if you would like to help plan this event, or have ideas for topics, let me know!)


  • Making Maps the Google Way (morning) and Making Maps the Google Way: Reloaded (afternoon), in partnership with UNH Cooperative Extension – learn the basics of using Google Earth and then go a little farther! Two half-day workshops. Dates and locations TBD

 July and August:

  • VCGI’s Intro to GIS/GPS Workshops (12-16 hours over 2 days) – this year we are switching from ArcExplorer to Quantum GIS!
  • VT GIS Conference – Theme TBD (send your ideas!)


Send your requests and ideas:

Using the Vermont CORS Network to Access the National Spatial Reference System – Webinar

January 4, 2011


Dan Martin, VT Geodetic Advisor will present this webinar on January 26, 2011. See the VT CORS website here:

In 2006, the Vermont Agency of Transportation began to install a network of Continuously Operating GNSS Reference Stations (CORS). Now, nearly four and a half years later the network is almost complete. The use of the VT network by positioning professionals has been steadily increasing, and it is anticipated that its use will begin to grow exponentially over the next couple of years. Topics covered in this webinar will include:

  • A brief description of the VT CORS network and how it fits into the National CORS Network
  • Current capabilities and usage of the network
  • A description of current methods and techniques of accessing the NSRS using the VT CORS
  • Future trends for accessing the NSRS

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